Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Things I Like About June #3 - Childhood Memories

There is something about this time of year, when the days are long and the school year is coming to a close, that brings back memories of being a kid. I remember on June days when I was child that I would get up early, gulp down some breakfast, go outside to play and not come back in until supper many hours later. Lunch and snacks were eaten outside so as not to interrupt our games. There were lots of other kids in our neighbourhood and we all played together and our parents didn't worry about us too much - how times have  changed, with all the structured activities for children these days and parents needing to know where their kids are at every moment. In this photo, my brother Paul and I are standing in front of the lilac bushes beside our house, where we built forts and constructed whole imaginary worlds.

The town where I grew up was on a lake in Northwestern Ontario. Many of my childhood memories involve time spent near the water, swimming, riding in boats, just hanging out. Much of the shoreline was granite rock, which was great fun to climb on. Every day was so free and easy - it is such a pleasure to remember those June days of my youth. 

(Note - this post was inspired by a conversation with one of the followers of my blog, who told me that he really likes the posts with old photographs from my childhood. So this is for you, A - hope you like it.)

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Jenny said...

We used to like to go barefoot.After school ended in June, we would toss our shoes and rarely put them on all summer. I still like the feel of grass on my bare feet. All we did all summer was unstructured play.