Thursday, 21 June 2012

One Needs a Hat On a Hot Sunny Day!

It was soooo hot today (34 degrees Celsius) that I was reluctant to leave my nice air-conditioned office after work. When I did leave, I thought the least I could do was protect my head from the sun beating down, so I decided to buy a hat. They were on sale, 2 for $15, so I ended up buying 2 hats! Then I couldn't decide which one I wanted to wear.  

As I was walking across the Alexandria Bridge from Gatineau to Ottawa, I saw my friend René. I showed him my new hats and asked him which one he liked, and he picked the lighter coloured one with sea shells on the brim. I asked René to take a picture of me in my new hat, but then a woman walking past offered to take a picture of me and René together. I like the resulting photo. As you can see, René and I are both wearing our hats for protection on this hot sunny day. 


Ronna said...

Very sweet shot! Should be cooler for Art Fayre this weekend. Yippee!!

Sarah said...

What a great photo! Nice hats, too!