Sunday, 29 July 2012

Hiding in Green Shady Places

Today was another stinker of a hot day. It went up to about 30 degrees celsius and it felt even hotter out in the sun. I went out to my studio in the afternoon to work on some drawings and made sure to walk in shade wherever I could. This path between two of my flower gardens was fairly green and cool.

There are a lot of overgrown trees and weedy patches between my house and studio and it is nice to be able to walk through them. After being out in the blistering sun, it is impressive how the temperature drops several degrees as soon as I enter the shade of these trees. 

I am working on a series of drawings right now that show scenes of sunlit water with dark shady trees framing the view. When I took these photos today, I realized that the theme was the same - brightly lit areas in the distance framed by dark bushes and trees.  

My studio was very hot inside and I could only work for about an hour before I gave up and walked back to my house through this patch of green shady woods. 

Then I enjoyed sitting in one of my favourite places - this deck on the shady side of my house under a tree. Ahhhh!

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