Monday, 30 July 2012

Music in the Streets

On summer nights, the Byward Market area of Ottawa is like one great big party. People are everywhere, in the restaurants, shops, or just walking around. And there is always a lot of music - on street corners or in the restaurants and pubs. One evening recently, I saw this man on a sidewalk playing flamenco style guitar. He was amazingly talented and an appreciative crowd had gathered to listen to him..

Most of the pubs and restaurants have opened their windows and sometimes removed the walls that divide the inside from the outside. This makes it easy for people walking by outside to listen to the musicians playing inside - the music just spills out into the street. These two men were playing in a Scottish Pub and were a lot of fun to listen to as they cracked jokes between songs. 

This young woman seems to be entranced by the musician inside this Irish pub. You could almost say she was hanging on every note!

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