Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Running Through Water

Kids jumping or running through water is probably as old as time. Of course, it got a new variation when the water sprinkler was invented. These children were running through some big water sprinklers at Major's Hill Park recently. With all the hot weather we've been having, it is a great way to cool off. 

When I visited my grandsons Max and Charlie a couple of weeks ago, I took this picture of them running through a water sprinkler in the back yard one hot afternoon. Classic summer fun - I remember doing the same thing when I was a little girl. 


Ronna said...

I remember doing that too. Just YELLS summer!

Sarah said...

I still like it when I catch a spray of a fountain or other unexpected water mist on a summer's day - it's so refreshing, without getting soaked!

Elaine said...

Children and sprinklers, pure, uninhibited delight and joy.