Sunday, 15 July 2012

My Stay in Regina, Saskatchewan

Last week, I went to Regina, Saskatchewan for a business trip. I stayed in this wonderful old plum pudding of a hotel, the Hotel Saskatchewan. When I walked inside, I felt like I was stepping back in time. 

This was my room - all very frilly and luxurious. I should have been wearing a long skirt with lots of lace while staying here - I felt rather out of place wearing a business jacket.

One of the first things I always do after checking into my room when staying at a hotel is check out the view from the window. This was my view of the city from my 9th floor room. Regina is still a small city but growing because Saskatchewan is resource-rich and prosperous. There were lots of new buildings but the whole city felt very spacious - and very very flat!

I always enjoy taking bird's eye pictures of people. I took this one while looking out the window of my hotel and I really like it because the person is framed by the lamp posts and the shadows and white lines on the street. Makes it rather abstract.


Jenny said...

Regina does look spacious - those Westerners don't like to feel hemmed in. I really like the lines in the photo of the woman and the lamp posts.

Sarah said...

It's always so interesting to see the downtown of another city. Thanks for posting these great pics!

Knatolee said...

WOw, Regina has changed a bit since I was last there in 1979!!