Monday, 16 July 2012

Sculpture in Regina

 When I was in Regina last week, I went for a walk and checked out some of the sculpture in public places. I think you can tell a lot about a city by the sculpture it displays. Regina showed excellent taste by having this wonderful piece by one of my favourite Canadian sculptors, Joe Fafard, This sculpture of a bison lying down is so intricate, made of three flat pieces of steel with cutouts to give it texture. Very cool!

I wasn't sure about this piece, which appears to be a mesh of wavy lines. It looks sort-of like the parts of a wicker basket all stretched out in front of the cold steel and glass building behind. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any name or other identification for it.

Another Joe Fafard. This cow is about three or four times life-size and has quite a lot of presence, lying on the floor in an office building in downtown Regina. I believe there are sculptures of cows like this in Toronto, too. It is wonderful seeing a sculpture of something so organic in cold sterile places like office building foyers.

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Sarah said...

I love Joe Fafard's sculptures, too. Very appropriate for a Saskatchewan city.