Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Another Old Work I'd Almost Forgotten

This is a painting I had almost forgotten until I found a photo of it recently, as part of my ongoing efforts to go through boxes of old photos so I can scan them. I did this painting about 15 years ago. At the time, Peter was making a series of sculptures involving things on wheels, including a wonderful piece that we called the Duck on Wheels. I decided to put together the image of this sculpture and the image of a little girl from some drawings I was doing at the time of a girl riding a tricycle. Voila! a painting of the little girl on the duck on wheels. 

This is the maquette of the duck on wheels. At the time, Peter was very interested in ancient children's toys and we had seen a duck on wheels like this in a museum. He made several versions of the duck on wheels, including a fairly large one (about 5 feet tall) that is now in the collection of Jan Geddes. 

And here is the origin of the "little girl". I did some drawings based on old photographs of myself riding a tricycle. (This is one of the photographs and shows me and my brother Paul, circa 1957.) Peter liked these drawings, so I decided it would be fun to combine my art and his art by painting the little girl (myself) on his sculpture. I no longer have the drawings, the painting or the sculptures, but thank goodness I still have some of the photos to remember it all by. 


frannie said...

What a lovely way to combine your art with Peter's. And what a charming child you were. And are.

Knatolee said...

Love the art, and love the photo too. You were adorable! (Still are!)