Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Peter MacElwain (3)

This photo was taken about 2 months before Peter's death. We had a party with a bunch of our friends at our riverfront property. I remember these parties with fondness. Everyone always had a great time, with a bonfire and wonderful food and swimming and fireworks. At this particular party, since the white daisies were in bloom, we made daisy chains. I made one and put it on Peter's head and our friend Lis took this picture. After Peter's death, she gave me a framed copy of it. 

Every spring we drove to the southern U.S. to install one of Peter's pieces in various sculpture exhibitions where he was invited to show. Peter designed the pieces so that they could be taken apart and loaded in our little Ford Ranger and carried to the show site where they would be reassembled. Sometimes, this resulted in the truck carrying a very strange load in the back. Here I am, standing in front of the truck with one of Peter's copper sculptures tied in back, ready to leave for the trip. I remember that we got a lot of strange looks when we pulled into towns or service centres along the way. One guy approached us and asked if that was a still on the back of the truck. Peter was amused.

But we got there, installed the sculpture, and left it on display for a year. This is Peter in Alabama after a long trip and a day of setting up. (I used this photo in an earlier post, but it is a favourite.)  This sculpture was purchased by a collector in Tennessee a few years later.

Peter is doing a final touch-up of one of his "apple" sculptures, in a sculpture garden in Tennessee. He was making a lot of "apples" at this time. This could lead to funny scenes in grocery stores, when he searched through the displays of McIntoshes or Courtlands for ideal models, picking each apple up, examining it carefully, putting it back if it wasn't good enough, oblivious to the looks he was getting from other customers. 

Today, on the anniversary of his death, I like to remember all the good times we had. One of our favourite things to do on warm summer days was to have picnics. He made the best egg-salad sandwiches I've ever eaten. Here is a toast to you, Peter. Always in my heart!


Ronna said...

Lovely post.

frannie said...

These posts are so special...I never knew you in those days and I really appreciate the honesty of your writing.

Evlyn said...

Thank you Ronna and Fran. This is my last post this week about Peter (maybe more some time in the future) and they have been both happy and sad for me. One never stops grieving, but life goes on, and I always think that Peter would understand.

Sarah said...

Great photos - it has been like a trip down memory lane to see all of these! I have always loved the one with the flowers.

Knatolee said...

I'm with Fran and Ronna. These are beautiful posts. I wish you and Peter had had more time together but you sure have some lovely memories.