Sunday, 7 August 2011

Wonderful Rain

We had another hot, dry weekend in Eastern Ontario. I hadn't done any painting for a while and was feeling very rusty. So I decided to just splash some paint on a canvas in my studio - good for working out the kinks and stretching the visual muscles. I picked a few flowers from my garden and spent a happy hour (or so) painting them. But it was so hot - it was about 32 degrees in my studio. And it has been so dry for months that I have been worried about my well and trees and pond. It was hard to enjoy anything under these circumstances.

Then, this afternoon at about 3 p.m., a lovely big black cloud rolled in bringing a thunderstorm and - oh rejoice! - some rain. It poured and poured buckets. I was so pleased, I ran out with my camera (and an umbrella) and tried to photograph the storm. I used to love running out in the rain during summer storms when I was a kid. Something very liberating about it. My poor parched garden and back yard certainly looked happier. It was coming down so hard, the trees at the back are fuzzed out by the curtains of rain. 

My wheelbarrow was filling up. It had been perfectly empty and dry before the storm but there was now about 2 inches of water in it. 

The ruts in the driveway became little canals. I love the way the drops pattered down into the puddles, like a hail of pebbles. 

And best of all - water was gushing into my fish pond from the downspout from the roof of my house. It has been such a dry summer that my pond has been turning into a swamp. The rain today helped and I am feeling a tremendous sense of relief.


Sarah said...

I bet the fish are happy now, too!

Knatolee said...

Evlyn, I am trying to reply to your email of today and it won't go through, so I've sent it to your work email instead. ANyway, long story short, NOTHING to worry about, okay? :)

And we need more rain!

frannie said...

It's so hard to keep everything in perfect balance. Too much rain, we bitch, too little rain we despair. I was feeling exactly the same as you last weekend.