Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Fixing the Fish Pond

Everyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with my fish pond. When Peter installed this pond nearly 20 years ago, the only liner for the pond that we could afford was a swimming pool liner which, of course, is bright blue - hardly proper for a fish pond that is supposed to look like a natural part of the environment. But Peter managed to cover up the blue with wood and it looked fine for years. However, the wood has deteriorated and the blue has been exposed. Also, the plastic was damaged by muskrats a couple of years ago and it is starting to crack and tear and there are big holes in it. I have been fretting about how awful it looks for a while now (and boring everyone to tears with my pond woes)!
Last Sunday, Sarah and I decided to do something about it. I wondered if the parts of the blue liner that show could just be cut away and she said, let's try it. So we did! Steve was the cameraman for the event, taking pictures of us while we worked. (Thanks for the pics, Steve).
Here is Sarah about to begin work.  

She started on one corner where the blue plastic was full of holes and in bad shape and cut away with an X-acto Knife. 

Then I lopped some low-hanging branches on a cedar so I could crawl underneath to get access to another part of the pond liner and do my share of cutting.

Sarah crawled under another part of the cedars and continued the work. 

Here I am, supervising Sarah who is leaning over the pond hacking away at the plastic. Don't I look like a mean boss, saying "Get to work!"

Wow! It looks so much better without all the ugly blue plastic visible. Hooray!

Sarah and I posed after all our work with our implements of destruction. A very satisfying job. Now I can sit back and enjoy my beautiful pond.

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Ronna said...

Well done you guys!!