Monday, 29 August 2011

Foire Gourmande - Food Festival - in Lefaivre

On Sunday, I attended the Foire Gourmande in Lefaivre Ontario. The festival was being held on both sides of the Ottawa River, in Lefaivre and Montebello Quebec. People took the ferry across from one side to the other and back again, to sample wonderful food in both communities. 

Despite the rather inclement weather (we were getting the remnants of Hurricane Irene), there were crowds of people enjoying the displays, inside and out. 

Lots of fresh locally-grown produce was available for sampling and buying. 

Inside the main tent, one could sample cheese from St. Albert Cheese factory, watched over by this friendly cow. 

I must admit, I sampled some of this products of this stand a couple of times. Nothing like a small taste of blueberry wine after eating all sorts of yummy food - sausages, goat-meat chili, pastries, cheese curds, .....

This stand was giving out samples of baked beans - delish!

Toward the back of the main tent, these chefs were demonstrating the preparation of various dishes.

Our local NDP candidate for the upcoming provincial election, Bonnie Jean-Louis, visited the festival and introduced herself to people. It was a pleasure meeting her. She is very energetic and intelligent and I was impressed.

And some people seem to like to wear their food. My friend Mac was so pleased with the fresh garlic he got, he decided to decorate himself with it. Nice, Mac! 


Ronna said...

Richard and I were going to go but chickened out becuz of the weather. Looked like a lot of fun. I guess we'll try again next year.
And too bad Mac didn't put curds in his ears instead. Then he'd be Mac and cheese!

Sarah said...

@Ronna - "Mac and cheese"! Love it!!

Great photos - in particular, I like the banner that in French reads "Eat Well. Live Well"!

Evlyn said...

Ronna - OMG, we will have to tell Mac that one. He'll love it.
Sarah - it was a truly bilingual event and I got to try my (rather pathetic but willing) french a few times. Anyway, food knows know language.

Knatolee said...

I'm sorry I missed that! Yum! And HI MAC! :)