Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Thank Goodness for Wild Flowers

Because of the prolonged drought that we in Eastern Ontario are suffering this year, my flower garden at my home in the country is rather pathetic. Most of the plants are dead or severely stunted and I have abandoned hope that they will recover. But all is not lost! There is a wonderful field of yellow daisies that are growing wild on my front lawn that don't seem to be affected by the lack of water. They seeded themselves down years ago and have spread over a large part of the yard. I am so glad for the sight of them this year. Hooray for wild flowers!


Ronna said...

They look great!!

Jenny said...

The wild flowers are great. I'm so glad that they don't spray herbicides all along the roadways like they did years ago, and now we can see the beautiful wild flowers mixing together. I like to leave some wild flowers in my garden because they are so hardy.

Knatolee said...

I'm watering everything! My bees need food. We have a LOT of wild parsnip this year, which of course the township does not approve of. Unlike where Jenny lives, they still spray the roadsides in South Glengarry, but if you put up "Do Not Spray" signs in front of your property, they'll leave your land alone. That's what we did.

Love your patch of yellow!