Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Angst of Store Window Mannequins

A long time ago, I saw a movie or an episode on a television show (perhaps the Twilight Zone) where a bunch of department store mannequins come alive at night. I can understand why someone would come up with such an idea. I am often impressed with how life-like some of the mannequins are in store window displays. For example, I saw this mannequin in a small boutique window in the Byward Market and I thought she looked like she was really, really angry about something. I wouldn't want to get into a fight with her! 

This one, on the other hand, just looks very haughty and aloof. Certainly not someone who could take a joke.

This mannequin looks like she's having a really bad hair day and is pointing it out to everyone else.

Here is the whole window display. I didn't bother with the guy in the white shirt because he just looks like an alien from another planet. No match for the women!

It is amazing how many mannequins look really menacing. I saw this one in the window of a store on Sussex Drive and was impressed with how muscular she looked. Also, she seems to be thrusting out her jaw in a determined way, as if daring someone to pick a fight with her. No thanks!

This window was in front of another store on Sussex. These three mannequins really do seem to be aware of each other, like they had been chatting then someone told them to stop and pose together.

The one in the middle had the most compelling expression, like she really was thinking about something. The other two were just pouting.

Finally, for a bit of relief from all that mannequin angst, I found this bright-coloured, fun pile of puppets in a toy store down the street. I like the way the guy on the top looks like he's warily trying to climb over the head of the puppet in front of him. No pouting or anger here!


Magic(k)al Melissa said...

If it is the show I am thinking about, it was called "Today's Special" and it was on Nickelodeon. The mannequin's name was Jeff and he would come alive at night and frolic with his friend Jody. It was bizarre, but entertaining, as most kids' shows from the seventies and eighties were.

Sarah said...

I think you could take on the one in the white top and win hands down!

frannie said...

Why is it that high-fashion models and now mannequins always look so mean and pissed-off? Botox? Dieting? Cool post though! Love the puppets.

Grumpy Penguin said...

I think (sorry Sassy Kitten) that it was, in fact, a Twilight Zone episode to which Ms. Mouse was alluding. In fact, I think it was this episode. No?

Knatolee said...

Mannequins are so creepy! I love these photos. (The last one is not creepy !) :)