Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Window Display That Caught My Eye

There is a wonderful store in the Byward Market called, appropriately enough, the Byward Market News which mostly sells newspapers and magazines. But it also sells some really cool stuff, like toy soldiers for collectors. I was passing by recently and the window display caught my eye. First, I had a look at this "Arabian Nights" city tableau, with amazing little buildings, a palm tree and some camels.

Above that, there were dozens of Chinese figurines, wearing traditional clothing, playing musical instruments and doing all sorts of other things. Very elaborate!

In another part of the window, there was a military tableau, with soldiers on horseback (I guess they are cavalry) and other soldiers shooting cannons, or just standing around in their Napolean-era uniforms. To the left of this grouping, there were a bunch of soldiers behind a sign that said, "Remember the Alamo", but I couldn't get a good photo of it.

And for something completely different, around the corner in another part of the window display for the same store, I found this marvelous Felix the Cat clock. Wouldn't you just love to have him?

Or maybe you would prefer the Betty Boop clock. Her eyes move left and right, according to the package. Isn't she great?

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Ronna said...

I love the Felix the cat!! Adorable. Also love those wild figurines. Great windows!