Monday, 16 May 2011

More Mannequins with Moxie

My fascination with the personalities portrayed by mannequins, in the effort to sell something or other to us, continues. This mannequin seems to be contemplating the pole beside her, but she looks so prissy that I don't think she is capable of doing anything interesting with it!

Here we have a definite Alpha-Mannequin, wearing a red shirt. She is stopping everything, issuing orders, setting parameters, bullying and dominating. The poor mannequin to her right is leaning away from her and looks like she's being very cautious.

This mannequin looks, quite frankly, ruffled!

This poor mannequin seems to be looking around in alarm. Not only has she lost all her hair, she is in danger of losing her head.

Now here's hutzpah for you! These mannequins look like they don't give a hoot about anything, especially the conventions of society and the tawdriness of wearing hair curlers in public. These are my favourite - they've got Attitude!

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