Sunday, 15 May 2011

Going to the Big Smoke

This past weekend, I visited my sister and brother in Toronto. My sister had come to Toronto for a business meeting and my brother lives there. The three of us don't often get a chance to get together, so we decided it would be a good time for a mini family reunion. I flew to Toronto via Porter Airlines, landing at the Island Airport. Of course, I had to take the standard photo of the Toronto skyline as I was riding the ferry across to the mainland, just like all the tourists.  

My sister and I stayed in a hotel downtown near the Eaton Centre. One morning, as we were waiting for the elevator, I looked out a window and saw this bird's eye view of Trinity United Church. It looked like a toy model of a building from this angle.

Unfortunately, it was a rainy cool weekend. We decided to walk up "The Path", a series of underground passageways that starts at Union Station and goes for miles, up to the Eaton Centre. I took this photo inside one the buildings along the route. Such soaring architecture!

Here is a photograph of my sister Marilyn, in front of a poster of - appropriately enough - Marilyn!

Toronto is still a city that offers lots of possibilities. When I saw the "For Rent" sign in front of this building, my imagination went wild. Wouldn't this be a great place to rent? 

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Ronna said...

Let's start an artist colony there!!