Thursday, 19 May 2011

Respite from the Rain

After nearly a week of rainy and cold weather, this afternoon the clouds finally cleared away and it got sunny and warm. When I walked home after work, I thoroughly enjoyed the summer-like weather. Walking across the bridge was a pleasure, people were smiling. Then something on the river caught my eye.  

It was a racing scull with one person in it. He was rowing very fast but then he stopped and rested for a minute. He looked very alone there on the river.

But then another racing scull came into view, and a guy in a small motorboat nearby, shouting instructions at them. There is a club on the river nearby and I guess they were taking advantage of the nice weather to get out and practice. This is the first time this year I have seen them. Another sign of the beginning of the season.

I saw about four or five other racing sculls on the river of various sizes with various numbers of crew members. This was the biggest one I saw. I wonder if it would be able to go faster than the others because of all that manpower? Or if the ones with only one guy, or three or four, would go faster because they would be lighter? Whatever! They are beautiful things to watch, gliding so fast across the river.

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