Monday, 27 June 2011

An Evening Walk in the Market

There is always a lot to see on summer evenings in the Byward Market. This evening, on my way to do some shopping, I passed through the William Street pedestrian mall, where they have closed one end of the street so buskers can perform. This busker performed a trick with a long piece of cloth. He got two people from the audience to hold either end of the cloth. 

There were all sorts of people in the crowd that had gathered to see what he was doing. Sometimes, it is as much fun people-watching as it is watching the acts taking place. 

The busker made some folds in the cloth, got one of the spectators to cut it in half, then tied a knot where it had been cut. All the while he kept chatting with the audience. Then he instructed the two people holding the cloth to pull and - voila! the cloth was all one piece. Just like magic! Everyone applauded. 

Later, as I was coming back from my shopping, I passed this extraordinary window display. it just seemed such a strange collection of objects. What do these things have in common? Globes, clocks, a bell, eyeglasses, a funky little Queen figurine, and odd little white creatures with big noses and googly eyes? I should offer a prize for the best answer to that question!

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Ronna said...

Am trying to post a response at work...for some reason I can't comment from my home computer. But I just want to let you know that I read your blog all the time!