Monday, 13 June 2011

My Paintings and Drawings in Art Fayre

Art Fayre is over, and I thought I would post photos of the 2 paintings and 2 drawings I had in the show.

This oil painting is called "Rain and Snow" and is based on a photo I took last February from the window of my apartment in Ottawa. It is very different from the 3 other works I put in the show. Maybe I am just branching out ! (Sorry - I couldn't resist.)

This oil painting and the two drawings following are part of a series I'm doing that all involve women (or girls) reading. This one is called "Lost in a Book".

I have always loved working in chalk pastel. This drawing was fun because of the light and dark. The title is "Alone #2" which is unfortunate, because I sent my list of works and titles to the show organizers before I finished the drawing. I would call it something happier now. I think no-one is alone who is immersed in a book. 

This is also chalk pastel. Its title was "Alone #1" but again, I would change that. I really liked the way the woman is tilting her head. Everything seems so soft and gentle in her gesture. 

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Sarah said...

Beautiful work!! I absolutely LOVE the painting - the branches are so graphic. Congratulations!!