Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Wild Things

When I was at home in the country on the weekend, I saw this little frog in my fish pond. I shouldn't really call it a fish pond right now because there are no more fish in it. I suspect they all got eaten this spring by a turtle who made himself at home for a while. He is gone now, and so are the fish, but I still have lots of frogs, and I have lots of wild plants of various kinds. I really like the frogs. They are so Zen-like, sitting in the sun, making their froggy noises from time to time. 

The liner of the pond is all wrecked and torn and looks awful. But until I can get someone to put in a new liner for me, I can still enjoy the water lilies that are growing there, most of which are very wild. Peter and got them from the river many years ago. 

This pretty white water lily bloomed recently. I was very excited to see it because I had a lot of troubles with the plants being eaten by muskrats a couple of years ago. This is the first water lily bloom in 2 years. All wild and natural.

This is another wild plant growing in my pond. I really don't know how it got there. It is called Butomus Umbellatus, or Flowering Rush. The flower is quite pretty. 

Speaking of wild, I bought some blue bells years ago and planted them in the flower garden, but they have now gone quite wild and have spread all over my yard. This bunch was blooming last weekend near the cedar hedge between me and my neighbour. 

As a matter of fact, my whole flower garden is now just a wild mess. There are weeds mixed in with perennials that I bought. I can't bear to pull out the milk weed because I know the Monarch Butterflies need them. And I leave the buttercups because I like their cheerful colour. So everything is a melange, but I am starting to like the wildness of my garden. I think I am becoming more Zen about it, like the frogs!


Knatolee said...

Love the little frog and your flowers (pond and otherwise) are so pretty!

Sarah said...

Great photos!!