Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Rare Day in June

Oh, what is so rare as a day in June? Or something like that - one of those bits of poetry we all know but are not sure of the exact words. Whatever - today was an exceptionally rare day - hot but not humid, mostly sunny but with the relief of a few white puffy clouds from time to time. I was at my home in the country for the day in order to go for some medical tests at the Hawkesbury General Hospital. After the tests, I had a couple of hours before I needed to go back to Ottawa, so I worked in my garden. It was a treat - a rare treat. My peonies are perfect right now. Peonies are one of those flowers that make June the rarest month of the year. 

This very pretty little Delphinium was also in bloom, with its buddy, a Gerbera, right beside it. The blue of this variety of Delphinium is amazing, almost unearthly.  

One of the delights of my rather messy garden is that I forget what is in there, over the winter, and then I am always surprised in the summer when things start blooming. This geranium gave me a pleasant shock when I saw it.

Unfortunately, I was bothered a lot by flies while I worked. They were unusually bad. But then I remembered, they may have smelled the place on my arm where I had blood taken earlier in the day as part of the tests I had at the clinic. I was still wearing the cotton and tape the nurse had put there, my "red badge of courage." But the flies - those nasty little vampires -  were biting a lot, so my rare June day had to come to an end. Sigh!

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