Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Things One Sees by Taking a Different Route

When I left work today, I decided to take a slightly different route. I thought it would be interesting to walk behind the Museum of Civilization instead of on the sidewalk in front of it. It is a bit out-of-the-way for me, but worth the extra time. Taking this route, one is far from the busy noisy traffic on the street and sees many different things. The first thing I saw was this very old tower. It is a ruin now but preserved as a part of the history of the city. The stonework is amazing in this tower. They built things to last in those days!

Further along the path by the river, I saw this boat and it seemed so strange - like the boat is floating on a green lake of grass, far from its natural element. (It is part of a children's play area.)

Turning in the other direction, I could see the bridge that I cross every day, to and from work. From this distance one can see what a long bridge it is. I have always liked the steel structure above the bridge - very sculptural.

Speaking of sculpture, by taking this route I could see Louis Archambault's installation, Personnages, which is behind the Museum. It is made up of 9 beautiful, elegant pieces.

I think each one is stunning individually, but they are meant to be viewed as a group. They really compliment the architecture of the Museum, don't you think?

The Museum of Civilization is one of my favourite buildings in the National Capital Region. This is actually a view of the administration building, not the museum itself. I was walking on a little-used path past this building on my way back to the main street and the bridge. It struck me how much it looks like an Aztec pyramid from this angle. Lovely how it "flows".

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Knatolee said...

I love that museum. The architecture is amazing!