Sunday, 21 August 2011

Bringing Out Your Inner Caravaggio

On Friday, my daughter Sarah, her partner Steve, and I went to the Caravaggio exhibition at the National Gallery in Ottawa. The show is a treat for anyone who loves the masterpieces of this period. We had a good time looking at all the wonderful paintings, then we discovered a special part of the show. People are invited to dress up in period costumes and pose as a Caravaggio painting. Two museum staff help you get dressed in a costume, help pose you, and then take your picture. So for a lark, we did! Steve is posing as the rich Roman or Neapolitan, I am the thieving fortune teller in the middle, and Sarah is the woman pointing out that I am stealing a ring or picking his pocket or something while I am telling his fortune.  All very silly!

We struck up a conversation with two women who took their turn posing after us. They wanted to do a painting with an angel in it. As they were getting ready to have the picture taken by the Museum staff, I took this quick shot. They looked great! I recommend trying this if you go to the exhibition. It brings out your inner Renaissance self.

And here are Sarah and Steve, back to 21st Century reality, taking a break outside the National afterwards. Ah! fame as a Caravaggio painting is so fleeting.


Ronna said...

You guys look FAB!! I want to go and do that now. Very fun! Hi to Steve and Sarah!

Knatolee said...

That looks like a ton of fun! What a great idea.

frannie said...