Monday, 22 August 2011

A Sad Farewell to Jack Layton

Like many, many Canadians, I was very saddened to learn that Jack Layton died this morning. This evening, I attended a candle vigil on Parliament Hill for "le bon Jack". Many people left bouquets of flowers. 

This man carried signs. 

This woman played "We Shall Overcome" softly on her accordion. 

But most people just held candles and huddled together, sharing their grief. I overheard one policeman say he estimated there were over 2000 people there. They were old and young, black and white, dressed in suits and dressed in jeans, rich and poor, all kinds of people from all walks of life. We sang O Canada, we mourned for Jack and for the great loss for our country. 

A woman gave me a candle (with a cup around it to protect it from the wind). It was comforting to hold it while standing with all the other people at the vigil. 

Goodbye Jack! You were a wonderful man. Canada is a better country because of you and we will all miss you. 


Knatolee said...

I wish I could have gone to that. I am so sad he's gone, and so sad that Harper now has no one to oppose him in Parliament.

Love the picture of the lady with the accordion!

Ronna said...

Jack will be missed by me and the rest of Canada.

Sarah said...

We lit a candle for Jack and put it in our living room window.

I love the accordion pic too! Here is a great video of Jack playing guitar and singing on the campaign trail.

Evlyn said...

Knatolee and Sarah - yes, the lady with the accordion was touching. She was so lost in playing her music.
Ronna - I agree. We have all lost someone on a personal level and Canada has lost someone who would have been an effective opposition to the conservative agenda.