Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Shopping in the Byward Market

After work today, I decided to buy some fresh veggies from the Byward Market. It is always a treat to go there, see all the people and the beautiful fresh produce. So much more fun than shopping in a grocery store. 

First, I bought a basket of these lovely Brussels Sprouts - one of my favourite veggies. I like the combination of the green sprouts and the red strawberries side-by-side. 

Further down the street, there were lots of people purchasing fruit and vegetables from the vendors in the row of stalls. It was busy today, probably because the weather was so nice and it is the perfect time of the year to buy fresh produce.

I love the display of these radishes. Tempting, but I wasn't in the mood to buy any today. 

These hanging garlics were also tempting. As were the brightly-coloured peppers. 

Aha! This is what I wanted and ended up buying - a basket of wax beans. I think I was partly convinced by the funky sign saying "Young Tasty Beans". 

On my way home to my apartment, I passed by the Rainbow, a blues nightclub. On the open front door, they have advertised the blues musician playing. But mostly I found the humungous COLD BEER sign very eye-catching, with the arrow pointing inside to entice you. I mean, was there ever any doubt that they would have cold beer in a blues club? Also, when I looked closer, I saw the sign saying "(free brownies)". Now that's intriguing! Why free brownies? I have some theories, but I won't go into them here!


Sarah said...

Great photos! The colours you found were amazing!!

Knatolee said...

I love shopping at that market!