Thursday, 10 May 2012

Colourful Banners

It was a cold windy day and, like everyone else, I was rushing across the Alexandria Bridge with my head down, trying to keep from getting blown away. But then I looked up and saw this wonderful, bright banner attached to some metal uprights on the bridge. This banner is for the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. 

A little further on, there was another banner, this time for the province of Nova Scotia. These banners must have been put up quite recently, to decorate the National Capital Region for the spring and summer. Last year, banners were also put up, but they had different pictures on them. I really like the banners this year, with the bright flowers on them.

There was something quite wonderful about seeing the vivid reds and purples and pinks against the very industrial look of the bridge. This banner is for Nunavut, Canada's newest territory. 

When I reached the other side of the bridge, I discovered more banners above the sidewalk going towards the Byward Market. I really like this one with the lady slippers, for Prince Edward Island. 

Manitoba's banner was quite colourful too with the orange sky behind purple flowers. 

Such vivid Day Lillies for Saskatchewan. 

Okay - I have to admit it - this is my favourite. Ontario's banner was really terrific with the white Trilliums on green stems and leaves against a red background. These were such a treat to look at on a really dull, nasty day. Hooray for bright colours!


Sarah said...

Those are great! I like the Ontario one, too. I've always been fascinated with trilliums, and it's always so exciting to see them in nature.

Like many other people I had always heard that it is illegal to pick them, because it kills the plant. Apparently, it is only illegal in certain places.

Great banners!

frannie said...

Thanks for showing these. The Lady slippers are spectacular.

Grumpy Penguin said...

Happy Mother's Day!!

Knatolee said...

I really like these! And the NS one brings back memories of living there and seeing mayflowers.