Monday, 6 June 2011

Beautiful Cattle

One of the delights of living in the country is driving down back roads and seeing beautiful bucolic vistas. And sometimes seeing unexpected things. Like these cattle I saw when I was driving home last Sunday, after visiting my friend Fran in Pleasant Corners. I came screeching to a halt (one can do such things in the country because there is no other traffic), parked my car on the side of the road and jumped out to take a closer look.

These are Highland Cattle - I recognized them from some book I read somewhere long ago. They are not a common sight around here, since most farmers seem to have Holsteins or Jerseys. The Highland Cattle are distinctive for having long hair and very long horns. Look at the size of the horns on this cow!

There were a whole herd of these cattle dotted about the field. Some were light brown and some were dark. Some had very long horns. This is a young cow with shorter horns. She wondered what the heck I was doing, taking pictures of her and her pals. (or maybe it was a he? Not sure!)

These cattle were in the field with other animals - mostly sheep but I also saw some llamas in the distance. Everyone was busy munching grass.

It really was a beautiful day, with a picture-perfect blue sky. Scenes like this are typical in the countryside where I live - wide flat fields, trees in the distance, stripes of sunlight and shadow, quiet serenity. Aahhh!


Knatolee said...

Oooooh! I LOVE Highland cattle! I'll have to drive up there and take a look. :)

Sarah said...

I love the name "Pleasant Corners"! Those cattle look like they have Beatle mop-tops!