Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Another Busker in the Byward Market

This busker performed two nights in a row in the Byward Market. He was pretty good. He juggled torches and performed all sorts of tricks, like tossing them under his leg and up into the air and so on. 

The whole time he kept up this running patter of stories and jokes to keep the audience amused. I was finding it a challenge to photograph him because he was constantly in motion. Also, the torches were being tossed in the air and just looked like fiery blurs or smears.   

Here he is again on a different evening. I noticed he did the same tricks and told the same jokes both nights. It didn't matter - he was a good performer and fun to watch.  

I call this photo "Magritte's Torch Juggler" (with a nod to my friend Ronna, who also had a "Magritte" photo on her blog recently).

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Knatolee said...

AH, I like this Magritte theme in the blogs. Ronna's tractor shot was hilarious. Love these juggler pics!