Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Signs That It Is Hot....

This sign was out on the sidewalk in front of the Murray Street Diner in the Byward Market. I thought it was a great comment on the hot weather we have been having lately.

It was also surprising to see several fans on display in the window of a posh little jewellery shop on Sussex Street. There was a sign that said "Pretty Fans On Sale", which seemed rather quaint to me. I've never seen anything but jewellery for sale in this particular store, so perhaps these are a seasonal offering in response to the hot weather (sort-of like those stores that suddenly start selling umbrellas when there is a prolonged spell of rainy weather). I thought this was the prettiest of the pretty fans, and I bet it would be very effective.

In another part of the Market, I saw this man with a balloon construction on his head and a balloon "flower" nearby. I don't know what he was doing there - he wasn't making balloon sculpture for kids or anything like that. He was just standing there, having a cigarette. This doesn't really have anything to do with signs that it is hot, except that I have noticed stranger than usual behaviour in people lately and  I attribute this to the heat!

(Note to anyone who has wanted to leave a comment and couldn't - I have been having problems with my blog for over a month now, including the fact that people told me they couldn't leave comments. But I tried a solution to this problem recommended on a Help site and today, my friend Ronna told me she was able to leave comments again. So it seems the problem is fixed. Please leave a comment if you'd like. I would be so happy to hear from you.)


Ronna said...

Happy I can finally say hello! Stay cool in the big city. Today and tomorrow are supposed to be majorly scorch-ville!

frannie said...

Oh, the little fan is sweet. There used to be a whole lexicon of fan language when ladies used to communicate coquettishly with gentlemen. Hope you get this comment!

Evlyn said...

Ronna, I am so glad that you can too. As far as staying cool, I will be in an air-conditioned office all day, so that's some relief (but not much fun).
Frannie, I did get your comment. Yes - I like the idea of using old-fashioned paper fans at a time when technology seems to be taking over everything.