Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Thursday Street Market in Gatineau

Every Thursday during the summer months, there is a market on a street in Gatineau, near the place where I work. The street (Laval) is closed off, tents are set up, and merchants and craftspeople display their wares. It is very popular and thousands of office workers from the nearby government buildings come out for the fresh air, the social pleasure of a community market, and the very high quality goods they can buy.

Most of the products for sale are organic, locally grown and produced food items, such as honey.............. fresh veggies...............

.................and varieties of items like the jams, herbs, and baked goods being sold by this nun from a local monastery. 

There are also craft items, like these neck cloths for your pets. And there are wonderful natural soaps and cosmetic goods and candles - a feast of choices.

I always gravitate toward the jewellery on display. There are some wonderful and unique necklaces and bracelets for sale. This was a display of pendants made of glass. I loved the bright colours. People who know me will not be surprised to learn that I bought a pair of earrings.  

To top off the pleasure of going to the street market - there was a musician playing Bach on a flute. Lovely! His music wafted over the crowds laughing and talking and buying and selling. I love the fact that community markets like this have been going on for centuries and will go on for a long time yet, as long as people have a need for social interaction. It is so much nicer than buying from some big indifferent corporation. It gives me hope for the future. .

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