Monday, 4 July 2011

Colour in the Byward Market

There is always lots of colour in the Byward Market. I took this photo at the end of May when the vendors were still selling annuals for people's gardens. The red of these geraniums is so intense. But lately, there are fewer flowers for sale. The season is changing and vendors are now selling other things. . 

For example, they are now selling tomatoes (also a beautiful red colour) ....... 

....and they are selling carrots (a vivid orange) .......

....and there is a new store that sells nothing but cupcakes. I liked these Canada Day cupcakes (even though Canada Day is over) because they are red and white and are laid out to look like the Canadian flag.  Cool!

But the best sight in the Market, although it didn't involve any colour, happened as I was on my way home. I saw these chairs, all clustered together on the street, like they were having a meeting or something. Don't they look like they are talking to each other? Very cool!

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