Thursday, 7 July 2011

Strange Juxtapositions

This store window mannequin caught my attention as I was walking past today. It seemed like it was wearing such a weird combination of stuff - a shirt and jacket, pants, swim goggles, snorkel, inner tube....

Same weirdness in a window down the street a bit. Again, the mannequin is wearing a jacket and pants, but also a bright-coloured inner tube and swim goggles and a snorkel. I really like the way this picture turned out because the reflection of the buildings is so clear, it looks like the mannequin has just dived from the city into the water.  

Perhaps this is the strangest of all. I was walking past the Chateau Laurier when I saw this strange form on a street sign. I got closer and saw that it was a jacket, all smeared with oil paint and covered with various objects used for painting - old tubes of paint, a plate that had been used as a palette, filthy old cups used for mixing, an empty varsol bottle, some wrecked brushes, and so on. The whole things was really grimy and filthy - just like something worn by a painter while working and later discarded. I don't know why it was mounted on this sign, but it was placed above one of the "Pretty Ugly Art" signs that I have seen all over Ottawa lately. Maybe there was a connection? Maybe someone was making a comment? Whatever. I also noticed something else very strange. I was the only person to stop and look at it. Everyone else just rushed past as if it were an everyday sight. Oh dear!

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