Sunday, 10 July 2011


This past weekend, I began a project to scan a large number of slides. Remember slides? We all had them at one time, before the digital revolution. I decided that I better make a copy of all the slides I have of Peter's work and my own, before they deteriorate and are lost forever. As I scanned them, they brought back so many memories. This is a slide of one of Peter's sculptures in a sculpture garden in the southern U.S. I remember him making it and going to the States with him and helping him set it up.  

This is another of Peter's sculptures. It is quite large - about ten feet high. It was installed in a show on a university campus in the southern U.S. We were told later that the students liked to climb on it, which Peter really liked. He always wanted people to enjoy his work, not just pass it by.

I scanned some slides of my own work, too. I had forgotten about this painting, which I did a long time ago when I was in a photo-realist phase. I remember how much fun I had painting the plastic wrapping on the flowers. It was a much larger painting than I do now, and my style has changed a lot. So many memories!

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