Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Visiting M. Champlain

After work today, I decided to take a walk to one of my favourite places in Ottawa. Most people know what the front of the National Art Gallery looks like. This is a view of the Gallery showing the wonderful sculpture by Louise Bourgeois. But the place I wanted to visit is behind the National. 

I walked along the side of the building and around back. There is a pathway that leads to this underpass and another pathway that climbs the hill to where M. Champlain stands. 

It is a very steep climb up the hill, but it is worth it. 

Just cresting the hill, I could take this picture of M. Champlain holding some sort of navigational aid (maybe a sextant?)

When you get up close, this is what M. Champlain looks like. Tall, isn't he?

Standing at the top of the hill, one can take in a spectacular view. The Ottawa River surrounds the point on three sides and the city of Gatineau is stretched out to the north, the city of Ottawa to the south. This is the bridge I walk across to work every day, looking very small from this height. 

And of course, this is Parliament Hill and part of downtown Ottawa in the distance. Again, everything looks so small because M. Champlain's hill is so high up. 

Looking back toward the National, I could see the new outdoor sculpture that they acquired this year. It is called "One Hundred Foot Line" and is hard to photograph because it is soooooo tall. It almost seems to melt into the air. 

By this time, I was getting used to looking at art and interesting things. But I was startled when I came down the hill and walked past the National and saw this hand sticking up out of some concrete blocks in a courtyard by the Gallery. Very weird!

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Sarah said...

Was it a real hand, or a sculpture??